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Who wants to work on scripts tomorrow at #GaltLOVE ON TOUR!

sleeping but soon to be skillra with friends practising local Hollywood writing room screenplay tips on November 11th, 2017 on tour in #BhrlOn downtown @StarbucksCanada.

Galt Gossip! · Instagram · Small Business · The Genius Of Galt

Galt… What’s Going On With Business Folks

WORLDWIDE FLAVOR, LOCAL JAMS – Well, someone is going into business for themselves again in the chaotic wild west of the cannabis scene in Galt, part of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Will it last? Good people trying to live their lives can only hope so!

Have a look at this #DigitalScreen below spied in Galt.  I am really enthused that someone is going that extra mile and adding some creativity & light to these cash register experiences with the Biblical quotes. Next up? When customers are purchasing their goods, display the ingredients of food products on the screen with a complete map to country-of-origin sourcing and real-time INDEPENDENT consumer news & facts about the items purchased. If these companies are going to continue to make ingredients we can’t pronounce and publish them on labels that are tiny and impossible for the majority to read… can we not, as a society, agree that we are all just a little bit disabled when it comes to educated food shopping? Also, if calories are going up on our menu boards in some jurisdictions, there is ZERO reason that there can’t be calorie counts or something similar extended to these screens. #JustSayin!


In the final #GaltLove notes of this report, we’re wishing for extra time in the world as the manager/owner of Main Variety started asking this blog questions about launching his store on Instagram and I would give anything to produce another great IG experience yet will have to return to get this guy on his feet on his own. I’m thinking that if he’s prepared to get creative, he could create some sort of link between music played in the store, and his IG account. Why not become the only convenience store in the world with a daily musical review of world / global music by the retail clerk? Take it one step further and work with the vinyl record store up the street for some co-promotion synergy. Just some early notes on THAT.  More details soon. Until next time…




Galt At Night

Future Of Historical Markers: Making Memories With Illumination

GALT HERITAGE AT NIGHT – What are we doing as a community to build the future of Canadian heritage markers with respect to advancements in LED lighting solutions and entertainment?

Neighbouring communities are incorporating amazing colour light-shows into their street furniture.  Sure, the building on Ainslie has it’s shades of light at night but could these classic engravings be ushered and crafted into something special for a new age?

Think about the dignity of the Apple Watch but delivered on a Canadian heritage marker digital presentation on-screen at popular and busy locations.  Yes, coast-to-coast tourist dollars on a screen-based heritage marker.  Incorporate backpacking, trekking, RV’ing, etc. and place it along the Trans Canada Trail – which is being discovered by more and more Canadians every day.

DSC02804After all, improving our Canadian cross-country trails is a responsibility for all of us on this 150th birthday of the country.  Can we bring a little tech wizardry to the local travel game?

PHOTOS: Above: Galt City Hall daytime – Right: The Toronto Sign @ night